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Estate planning and business planning go hand-in-hand

You have already seen from our welcome that we are different. We speak different than most lawyers; we talk more like you than most of our colleagues.  That’s because we are you—first and foremost, we are entrepreneurs, business owners just like you who understand what it takes to start a business, grow a business, and turn that business into a venture that improves the world forever.


Business Planning is essential for a business owner and yet, with all of the day-to-day demands it is often difficult to be proactive.  Really, estate planning and business planning go hand-in-hand.


Many of our clients are active business owners whose personal wealth is directly tied to their business.  Other clients have real estate holdings or other unique investments that they would like to consolidate and keep in the family for generations. They are also rightly concerned about the threat of creditors reaching their other assets if a claim arises against their business assets.


At Cornerstone Law Offices, we have some unique offerings for business owners who want to plan for their business.  Many attorneys approach business owners as order takers, instead of as consultants.  True business planning will take an integrated approach and consider how the Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax aspects interact and work together.


To help our clients meet their goals, we set up family business entities, including corporations and limited liability companies.  Often, these business entity formation decisions can reduce taxes, enhance asset protection, and impact profit margin.


We offer strategies that include:

· Entity choice and creation; 

· Maintaining and updating corporate records;

· Shareholder and Partnership Agreements;

· Buy-Sell agreements;

· An Integrated Approach to ensure your business has a strong Legal foundation in place to protect your personal assets from your business activities.  This includes making sure that you are properly managing your risk, and an assessment of potential Tax Strategies.


Join the growing number of small businesses who have turned to us to organize their business for future success.  We know you are busy, so let us make things easy for you.


Contact us about conducting a Business Legal Review; these are for small business owners who want to ensure they’ve got the right corporate structure in place and their personal assets are completely protected from the business activities.


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